Permissions of the Instructor

Permissions of the Instructor

This topics addresses the capabilities of an Instructor, or in other words, what the Instructor can or cannot do.
1. What Can an Instructor do?

  • An instructor can create, manage, and sell his courses.
  • He has complete authority to add videos, PDF’s, documents, and other reference material to his course.
  • He can create, conduct, and grade quizzes and assignments within his course.
  • He can access the student reports and course analytics for his courses.
  • He can import/export course material related to his courses to an external device.
  • The instructor can also sell his courses on the website, adding course fees as per his discretion.
  • He has access to the sales reports for his courses.

2. What Cannot an Instructor do?

  • An Instructor cannot access the back-end of the core website, including but not limited to the website Dashboard, site analytics panel, and sales and services section.
  • He cannot view, edit, sell, or manage any other Instructor’s courses.
  • The Instructor cannot view the number of students or any of their profile details for any course excluding his own.

These capabilities thus offer the Instructor a free creative rein while designing his course while effectively limiting his access to the core functionalities of the website.